miloais be speaking. in fives. first, 5 things that made setting up this blog too damn hard.

1.  I can’t really go into much detail about why they suck, because I don’t really understand much of the computer lingo that was on the message boards I was reading.  But according to those boards…which were way to numerous for it to be even worth providing a link to…godaddy sucks balls.  They aren’t compatible with movable type, have awful technical support, and have Dale Jr on the front of their webpage.  Needless to say, on Connolly’s advice I switched to dreamhost, and within an hour had this thing up and running.
2. Blogging software.  How hard is it to make decent blogging software that doesn’t require coding to get setup.  I don’t claim to be a computer genius, but I’m not as bad as a lot of computer users either, and setting up a blog should NOT be this hard.
3. Addiction.  I have a pretty big pathology exam on Monday morning and haven’t been able to study shit, because I’ve been addicted to figuring out how to get this blog up.  
4.Too many tutorials.  I know this should be a good thing, but with so many people offering their 2 cents on how to set up movable type, I didn’t know which one to follow.  There needs to be a better system of universally rating web content…all types of web content, so this type of thing would be easier.  It would also have made it easier to find the Rick Rolling website I searched for yesterday in an embarrassingly botched attempt to Rick Roll my fantasy league.  The link is if you are wondering.
5. NBA playoffs.  Hard to focus with spurs suns game 1 on in the background.  F manu ginobli.

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