Teenage Crush=Spat On=Sweet Art On My Wall.

courtney pic.jpg

Anyone who knows me well, knows the tale of Courtney Johnson.  The full story can only be told over cold beers, but the short is this is a girl I crushed on hard in 7th grade, then she moved away and in the pre internets age I thought that was that, THEN she showed up in the same city as me for college and I ended up reconnecting with her.  However, this serendipitous event was not enough, and my awkward attempts to get a date with her led to getting spit in my face.  So…15 years later, Courtney is a photographer and feels kind of bad about spitting on me.  She just put together a pretty sweet show called “human cities” and sent me a sweet print set of Tokyo.  Check it out in the pic above or at www.cournteyjohnson.net.  I am pretty happy with how it looks on my wall.  

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