I really don't like mg/dL. Or reference ranges. I need help. From the internets.

Studying for a lab medicine test is really draining.  Straight memorization. My brain needs a break.  With that said, here’s five youtube classics I revisited tonight to provide me with the strenff to carry on.

1.Angry German Kid-  Whenever I think I have a tough life, I think of this kid.  All he wants to do is play unreal tournament.  Poor kid.
2.Grape Stomping- I know most everyone has seen this but I have never not laughed when she starts screaming.  So its worth watching again if you haven’t watched it in a while.
3. Super Timor- The first internet phenomenon video I was ever exposed to.  I always thought Nike had the best advertising campaigns, but clearly the best are in the Ivory Coast.
4. Full Court Basketball Shot– Another one that is probably over 10 years old now.  Seeing as I need to finish memorizing a bunch of stupid numbers, the clips I am watching can’t be all that long.  I think this really gives you a good laugh for your 9 seconds.  
5. The R’uh national anthem- I’m tired and sad right now.  But I can’t be too sad when I live in a country where we celebrate our patriotism like this.

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