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Benjamin Johnson is a Bay Area based photographer/videographer. He is a physician by trade, but spends much of his time outside of the hospital with a camera in tow. Specializing in portraits, Ben has traveled the world photographing people for wide-ranging projects. Ben also loves shooting animals and landscapes. He is well versed in Final Cut and Motion, and enjoys working with moving pictures when a project calls for video. He cut his photography teeth on a Pentax K1000 as a child, and still uses that camera for the rare 35 mm film shoot. He mostly works with digital photography now, almost exclusively with Nikon equipment, currently shooting with his D800 for the majority of projects. He also occasionally shoots medium format film with his new Mamiya camera.

Ben would be thrilled to shoot your engagement pictures, wedding, family/pet pictures, or any other event you might want photographed. As it is his hobby, Ben's rates are extremely flexible and reasonable. Contact him at the link below.

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